What You Need to Know About Spotlights We’re so excited to tell you about our next open house! Come join us at the Lakewood Resort on March 26th for the Lakeway Wedding Showcase.   In today’s edition: What Is a Spot Light? A spotlight is typically a lamp projecting a narrow, intense beam of light directly […]

Lighting Our Way to 2023 How’s it going? We hope your New Year was as eventful as ours. Altared Weddings & Events will be at the Georgetown Bridal Show from 12pm to 4pm on February 19th. We are sold out for the event, but if you registered, come see us! Spring and summer are peak […]

Booking the ideal wedding vendor is not only vital for a successful wedding, but it also reduces stress for the couple. When booking a wedding vendor, there’s usually a standard booking timeline to follow. The sooner you choose and secure a wedding vendor, the better. However, this doesn’t mean you rush blindly into the decision. […]

If you’re beginning to plan your big day, you and your fiancé are likely learning that it takes more to plan a wedding than just choosing the right dress, rings, and cake. The small details make your day perfect, and one of the most overshadowed details is the uplighting at your wedding venue.    With so […]

Why do people go to Austin for their weddings? Not only is it the city of music, but one that adores true love at its center. So, if you’re planning an event with a large crowd count and lots of guests who need somewhere to stay overnight after the big day has passed over them […]

Altared Weddings & Events Team We already admired Andrew P Brown for running inside-Juiceland vinyl shop Exploded Records and co-founding the much-loved showcase series Exploded Drawing. Turns out, the eclectic music curator also makes a great radio deejay, Wednesdays at 8pm on KUTX. His 2021-launched electronic and beat show, Soundfounder, supports the leading Austin station’s efforts […]

Ask yourself what the three most important moments in any person’s life might be, and most likely, one of your answers will revolve around saying “I do.” A wedding ceremony is one of the most meaningful rituals we take part in, and often, we’re surrounded by loved ones who make it even more special. So, […]

From birthday parties to team-building events, people attend special occasions hoping to enjoy themselves and connect with one another. For some, it’s easy to strike up a conversation with strangers and acquaintances, while for others, breaking the ice is a tough thing to do. When it comes to filling an entire afternoon or evening with […]