Why You Should Book Your Wedding Vendors Now

Booking the ideal wedding vendor is not only vital for a successful wedding, but it also reduces stress for the couple. When booking a wedding vendor, there’s usually a standard booking timeline to follow. The sooner you choose and secure a wedding vendor, the better. However, this doesn’t mean you rush blindly into the decision. You’re paying other people to make your wedding perfect, so it’s only natural to be selective.  

Timing is critical in this process, and the only way to enjoy your wedding is to work with a reputable and trustworthy wedding vendor. Fortunately, we’ve been in the business for quite a long time to hear plenty of wedding nightmare stories and figured out how to avoid them all. The question that rattles every bride’s brain is: why and when should I book my wedding vendor? And is there a particular wedding timeline I should follow?  

Before Booking, Choose Your Wedding Date and Budget 

There are tons of ways you can save money on your wedding, but if you’re flexible about the budget and date, it can save you plenty of cash. While most of your friends and family may pressure you to set a date, don’t rush it. Choosing your wedding date is one of the most significant steps in planning and for a good reason. It can impact your style, guest list, wedding vendor, weather, and even the budget.  

Once you’ve set the wedding date, you need to establish a budget. This can help you avoid wasting money, which is necessary when starting a married life. Aspects like the size of your wedding ceremony and unique preferences can impact the total wedding budget.  

Create a list highlighting the top expenses to include in the budget and allocate a certain amount to contribute to each item. While you might be prepared to spend a fortune on your dream wedding, being prepared and knowing your finances can help in the long run. 

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Your Ideal Wedding Timeline 

With so many things on your mind and tasks to arrange, planning your wedding can seem a bit overwhelming. But if you spare some time to plan and sort out the tasks into a structured timeline, the job becomes more fun and less tiresome. Though 12 months is usually the ideal length for a wedding, every couple is different.  

So, if your wedding timeline is shorter, you’ll need to condense the wedding schedule. Try to complete all the wedding checklist tasks set for 12 months within a shorter time frame, and you’ll be on schedule for everything else. This means you need to work double the time.  

To share our expert insights and help you plan a stress-free wedding, here is a 12-month wedding planning checklist to follow: 

12 Months Prior 

  • Determine the date and budget for your wedding 
  • Hire a wedding coordinator 
  • Create a guest list 
  • Select the venue 
  • Look into wedding attire 
  • Create a wedding website, if desired 

8 Months Prior 

  • Register for gifts 
  • Book rehearsal-dinner venue 
  • Hire a custom lighting service 
  • Book honeymoon location 
  • Start premarital counseling 
  • Hire an officiant 

4 Months Prior 

  • Final tasting with your caterer 
  • Purchase wedding bands 
  • Choose the groomsmen attires 
  • Hair and makeup preview  
  • Plan the menu 
  • Book a photo booth 
  • Write down the vows 
  • Meet with the officiant 
  • Begin crafting DIY items 
  • Send invitations 
  • First dress fitting 
  • Pick up a marriage license 

30 Days Prior 

  • Pay vendors in full 
  • Take wedding portrait taken if necessary 
  • Creating your seating arrangement 
  • Have a final walkthrough of the venue with a friend or planner 
  • Share your song selections with the DJ and musicians 
  • Have final fitting 
  • Create a compulsory wedding shot list with your photographer 

The weeks before your Big Day will be busy so remember to check if these items are in check. As one tip, you can always customize your wedding to meet your personality and make it unique with custom fabrication. Imagine walking through a picturesque, illuminated tunnel with your fiancée as the guests stand in awe.  

Whether your wedding is indoor or outdoor, custom fabrication and lighting enhance not only the look but also the décor in the venue. We have an entire staff of lighting experts ready to create your preferred lighting atmosphere and custom-designed elements for your wedding, so feel free to reach out any day.  

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Leave Your Wedding Guests in AWE  

Wedding planning can be a personal journey, especially when combined with all the budgetary constraints and competing interests of the people involved. While there are no compulsory rules, the points highlighted in our guide should help you maintain a clear perspective throughout the process. Your wedding and planning process might differ from previously wedded couples, but it doesn’t mean it will be less spectacular. Preparation is key, and remember that patience, coupled with the ideal vendor, will make everything much smoother.  

At Altared Weddings, we have the experience, innovation, and patience to make your dream wedding a reality. We strive to find the best and latest ways to entertain and amaze our clients and their guests.  

By working with the best entertainers and leveraging new technologies, we can make the wedding one you and your guests will enjoy and create lifelong memories filled with smiles and awe. For assistance or consultation, call us today or visit our website to learn more.