Event Lighting

Lighting Sets the Mood

Lighting is the easiest, most effective method for setting the tone of your event. Transform a boring,
simple room into something that makes jaws drop. The perfect lighting can convert a traditional “first
dance” into something dramatic and amazing!


“The Show”
Dance Lighting

Chandeliers and
Pendant Lighting

Pin Spots, Cakes,
and Washes

String Lighting

Industrial Edison
Frames, and Drop Lights

Gobos (Your Name
in Light)

Wine Barrels and

Add Some Awe with Wireless Chandeliers and Pendant Lights

Chandeliers can be hung in trees, venues, tents, or wherever you choose. These lighting elements bring
elegance to any area.


Paint your event in beautiful light. Uplighting can transform your space and create dramatic effects
during your event. This allows you to change the mood and atmosphere on your schedule.


Several lighting elements are wireless and battery operated, so no need to worry about drawing power
from your venue. Bring lights into areas that you didn’t think could be lit.


Uplights can be programmed for any color. Our technicians can adjust the colors as the evening goes on
to slowly fade from one mood into another. They can also be programmed in sync with the music. Other
lighting elements such as fairy lights or firework pendant lights can also strobe or fade to increase effect.


Use uplighting or several other wireless, battery operated elements inside and outside. Uplights will
create brilliant, moody colors throughout your event can make a stunning impression on your guests.

“The Show” Specialty Dance Lighting

This lighting package is for the bold and extravagant! “The Show” is a lighting show tailored to your
event. Our skilled lighting operators control the lighting based on the music and feel of the room.
Customized for groups of 50-1000.

“The Show” for DJs

All our DJs include basic dance lighting, but if you desire a truly unforgettable event, we’ll build a lighting
setup that will blow your guests away. Each setup is unique depending on the venue and can include
trussing, moving lights, disco balls, and more.

“The Show” for Bands

Have a band coming to your event? Light them up like they’re the Rolling Stones. Band lighting can be
adapted to any size stage and includes lighting for the band and your audience.

Chandeliers and Pendant Lighting

The Classic – 6-Bulb Chandelier

Crystal and chrome and white, oh my! These classic fixtures are so versatile you can use them just about

12-Bulb Crystal Chandelier

Our larger version of the Classic. These two-tier beauties feature 12 bulbs.

Simply Rustic – 9-Bulb Chandelier

Great for adding elegance to rustic spaces. These have a dark iron finish.

Edison Bulb Chandelier

Bring in the industrial vibe. 6 bulbs hanging naked or with cages creates an urban-chic modern look.

Moravian Stars

Stylish and unique. These boho geometric designs add intrigue to any space.

Paper Lanterns

White round lanterns, in a variety of sizes, add a festive and fun mood wherever they’re hung. Illuminate
the lantern or create a simple, whimsical display.

Chandeliers and Pendant Lighting Are an Exciting Way to Bring Elegance Into Any Space

These come in a variety of styles from simple and rustic to glitzy and glamorous. Chandeliers and
pendant lighting can be suspended nearly anywhere and, like much of our lighting, are wireless. Use
these as single fixtures, or bring in several to hang over individual tables, archways, or altars. We also
offer modern pendant-style lighting and lanterns if you desire a whimsical or casual look.

Centerpiece Pin Spotting

Pin Spotting is a subtle yet incredibly dramatic style of lighting. Highlighting each centerpiece at your
event will not only feature your centerpiece, but also provide romantic dining light.

String Lighting

String festoon lights (aka café light) in many different ways to create a classic, elegant look for any
space. All of our bulbs are LED, so power is rarely an issue. These are great for bringing in more ambient
light to dim areas, both inside and outside.

Steel Edison Frames and Vintage Edison Lights/Drops

Stylish and fun! Use steel Edison bulb frames and an assortment of vintage lights and Edison bulbs to
create something one of a kind for your event.

Gobos – Your Name in Light

Custom gobos make a great marketing element to project on walls, buildings, floors or anywhere you
choose. They can be monogrammed with initials or display corporate logos. These are made custom for
each event.

Personalized Gobos

Add a personal touch to your event with custom-made gobos. We can translate your corporate logo or
monogram to light. Need help designing? We have free tools that are easy to use. Great for weddings!

Breakout and Dance Floor Gobos

Choose from 1000s of patterns to find the perfect accent for your dance floor, walls, or ceilings.

Wine Barrel Décor

Our barrels have all been restored with a beautiful finish and add charm to any event.

Wine Barrel Lighting

Wine barrel lighting is a unique, beautiful way to add lighting to an area using natural wood poles. Our
barrels include a stripped cedar post and string lights.

Table Bar

Our wine barrel bars include two barrels and a gorgeous wood top. Excellent for serving stations, cake
tables, or displays.

Cocktail Tables

By adding a large round top and custom barrel feet, we can turn our wine barrels into standard-sized
cocktail tables.

Plain Wine Barrels

Decorate wine barrels to your style or use them as rustic decor.