Should You Host a Welcome Party / Rehearsal Dinner?

Why You Should Host a Welcome Party / Rehearsal Dinner  

Your wedding day is a pivotal moment in your love story, and sharing this special day with all those near and dear to you is so important! A Welcome Party / Rehearsal Dinner is a great way to get connected to your closest family and friends before you go into full wedding mode.  

The party is typically a more intimate affair with close family and friends in attendance. However, out of town guests and special folks you haven’t seen in a while may be invited too! Although the rehearsal dinner is traditionally held directly after a practice-run of the ceremony, it’s not uncommon to see these get-togethers a day or two in advance!  

Hosting a rehearsal and welcome party is a great way to commemorate your day. Let’s explore why!  

and ensuring it goes off without a hitch is important. What better way to get your wedding party together to go over the intimate details of your special day than by hosting a rehearsal dinner! 👇 

Practice makes perfect 

A rehearsal dinner allows the bridal party to practice the ceremony and iron out any kinks before the big day. This can help alleviate stress and ensure everything runs smoothly during the ceremony. 

Spend time with loved ones 

The wedding day can be hectic and stressful, leaving little time for the couple to spend quality time with their loved ones. A rehearsal dinner allows the couple to relax and enjoy the company of their closest family and friends in a more intimate setting. 


Meet the families 

For many couples, the wedding brings together families from different backgrounds and parts of the country. A rehearsal dinner is a perfect time for both families to meet and get to know each other before the big day. 

Start the celebrations early 

Hosting a rehearsal dinner is a great way to kick off the wedding festivities and get everyone in the mood for the big day. It’s a chance to celebrate love, family, and friendship and create unforgettable memories. 

Preview the reception venue 

If your reception is in a different location than the wedding, having your rehearsal dinner at the reception venue is ideal. This allows the couple and their families to preview the space and make any last-minute adjustments or additions to the décor. 

Enjoy delicious food 

A rehearsal dinner typically involves a sit-down meal, which is an opportunity for the couple to treat their guests to a delicious meal and show their appreciation for their support. 

Set the tone 

Getting together before the big day with your bridal party is a chance for the couple to set the tone for the wedding day. It’s an opportunity to share their vision for the wedding and ensure everyone is on the same page. 


Relax and unwind 

The wedding day is often stressful and busy, so the rehearsal dinner can provide a more relaxed atmosphere than the wedding day itself. The couple and their guests can unwind and enjoy each other’s company without the pressure of the actual ceremony. 

Create lasting memories 

Finally, a rehearsal dinner is a chance to create lasting memories with the people closest to you. It’s an opportunity to share stories, laughter, and love and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

By hosting a rehearsal dinner, the bride and groom can relax and enjoy the company of their loved ones before the big day, ensuring they have the best possible experience on their wedding day. 

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Industry Trends: The Private Last Dance 🕺 

After the hustle and bustle of your wedding day is winding down, nothing caps off the day better than an intimate, private final dance. This trend is increasing in popularity, as more couples share this moment on social media.  

The private last dance gives you and your partner a chance to connect, take in all of the wonderful moments of the day and just enjoy each other’s company. Instead of rushing off as the guests are leaving, you and your partner can have one last moment that encapsulates your love and commitment to each other in a way that feels authentic and meaningful.  

Just make sure you let your wedding planner and DJ know that you want to have this moment together at the end of night! 

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