Shining Bright: Lighting Options to Amplify Your Holiday Party Charm 

Shining Bright: Lighting Options to Amplify Your Holiday Party Charm 

A holiday party is about more than presents and holiday cuisine; it’s about creating a warm and festive atmosphere that can transform an ordinary gathering into a memorable event. One key element that can significantly elevate your festive gathering is the use of lighting. The right light can add a magical glow to your party, setting the tone for a night of holiday cheer and joy. Let’s explore some innovative lighting options to brighten up your holiday party. 

Fairy Lights 

Fairy lights, also known as string or twinkle lights, are a holiday classic. Draping these sparkling lights across the room or around the tree creates a dreamy ambiance. You can also get creative by putting them in jars or glass containers for a firefly effect or even wrapping them around wreaths and garlands. Available in many shapes, sizes, and colors, fairy lights provide an inexpensive way to bring a warm and cozy feel to your holiday party. 


If you want to dial up the wow factor, consider using gobos. These devices project holiday-themed patterns onto your walls, ceilings, or home exterior. From snowflakes to your company’s logo, the possibilities are virtually limitless.  


There’s something timeless about the flicker of a candle. For a more intimate and traditional setting, candles can add a beautiful and serene glow to your party. You can choose aromatic ones for an added sensory experience. Also, consider candle holders or lanterns for an elegant touch. Remember, safety comes first and never leave burning candles unattended. 

Neon Signs 

If you’re aiming for a modern and trendy vibe, neon signs are a must-have. They can create a fun and lively atmosphere and serve as a unique backdrop for those inevitable holiday party photos. With many suppliers now offering customizable options, you can even have your favorite holiday quote or holiday symbol shining bright in neon. 


Uplighting involves positioning lights at ground level to direct a cone of illumination upwards towards a specific area, typically a wall, ceiling, or object, enhancing the visual depth, highlighting architectural features, and drawing attention to detail. Available in numerous colors and intensities, uplighting adds a sophisticated and visually appealing dimension to spaces, making them appear larger and more inviting.  

Lighted Holiday Ornaments 

Add a magical touch to your tree with lighted ornaments. From stars to snowflakes, angels to candy canes, there’s an extensive range of options to choose from. Not only do they make your tree more eye-catching, but they also double as party lighting, spreading a warm glow throughout the room. 

When done right, lighting can make all the difference in setting the right mood for your holiday party. Whether it’s the classic warmth of fairy lights, the high-tech dazzle of LED projectors, the old-world charm of candlelight, the edgy vibe of neon signs, or the eco-friendly glow of solar lights, each option brings its unique touch. It’s all about creating a warm, inviting atmosphere that captures the spirit of the holiday.  

So, let there be light, and let your holiday party shine! 

With the right combination of creativity and expertise, lighting has the power to turn your corporate holiday party into an extraordinary one.  

Altared Weddings & Events can help set the tone of your events with the strategic use of lighting. We’re here to support you not only on the day of your event but everything in between.  

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Industry Trends: Bridgerton Parties!

Transport your party guests back to a time when elegance was standard and floral teas were flowing out of silver teapots. Inspired by the popular Netflix show of the same name, a Bridgerton party, often called a ball or soiree, is an extravagant social gathering where England’s elite of the early 1800s (also known as the Regency Era) would convene for an evening of refined entertainment and courtship rituals. 

A Bridgerton party is characterized by its opulence, with elegantly adorned halls and chandeliers reflecting the grandeur of the nobility. Lavish decor and myriad candles illuminate the meticulously decorated room while an orchestra blends classical and modern music, setting an inviting backdrop for dancing. 

From fancy invitations, games that were popular during the era, and classic dances, immerse your guests in a truly spectacular event they will never forget. Don’t forget to look the part and encourage guests to embrace the Regency fashion by dressing in elegant attire inspired by the characters from Bridgerton. 

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