Industrial Wedding Venues: A Unique Twist on Your Big Day

Industrial Wedding Venues: A Unique Twist on Your Big Day In recent years, wedding venues with an ‘industrial’ vibe have gained popularity for their unique and unconventional charm. These venues offer a departure from traditional wedding settings by providing a raw, edgy, and versatile backdrop for couples who want to create a one-of-a-kind wedding experience.   […]

Everything You Need to Know About Gobos 


Everything You Need to Know About Gobos  When creating an enchanting ambiance at weddings and events, lighting plays a crucial role. One versatile lighting tool that can add a touch of elegance and personalization is the gobo. Gobos, short for “go between optics,” are customizable stencils placed in front of a light source to project […]

Why You Should Book Your Wedding Vendors Now


Booking the ideal wedding vendor is not only vital for a successful wedding, but it also reduces stress for the couple. When booking a wedding vendor, there’s usually a standard booking timeline to follow. The sooner you choose and secure a wedding vendor, the better. However, this doesn’t mean you rush blindly into the decision. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Uplighting   


If you’re beginning to plan your big day, you and your fiancé are likely learning that it takes more to plan a wedding than just choosing the right dress, rings, and cake. The small details make your day perfect, and one of the most overshadowed details is the uplighting at your wedding venue.    With so […]

Hill Country wedding lighting inspiration: A styled shoot at Memory Lane

For obvious reasons, your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life. That’s one of the reasons people put so much effort into every little detail, from the invitation design and the flower arrangements to the cake, the music and the vows. One important consideration too often left behind is your […]