Why you should consider an after party!

Why you should consider an after party!

Weddings have seen a lot of changes over the past few years. If we had to reduce it all down to one dramatic change, it is that wedding are a lot more fluid than they once were. People are dropping formal dances for elaborate choreographed numbers and letting social media and custom websites play in to their celebrations. Even the most formal occasions are centered around the idea that you can still cut loose in your Sunday best. As a result of this new-found freedom, we are seeing a lot more couples opt for an after-party that keeps the party going at different pace. Here is why you should consider it.

Timing. If you haven’t already, take some time to read up on your reception timeline here. There is a huge temptation for couples to want an extended party, but that doesn’t have to mean an extended reception. Depending on a number of variables, an extended reception can work against you. For example, if there is extensive travel time between your reception site and your accommodations, you can bet that your guests are going to want to make their way out the door in order to account for that additional time on the road. If your reception is in a densely populated area, it is very likely that sound restrictions are going to play a role in when the music needs to be turned off. Also, if your crowd is a mix of both friends and family, young and old, tourists and out-of-towners, you can expect certain people to want to turn in earlier than others. Having and extended reception (and paying the $$$ for the additional time) can be expensive if it is just for a select few party animals.

Options. Some people can dance for hours, but for most, there comes a point where there needs to be a shift. After parties are a great alternative to extended receptions, because your playlist can be a bit more, shall we say, adult oriented. You can either take this opportunity to play all of those songs that you didn’t want your grandmother to hear (and we know you have at least one), or you can opt for a different experience all together. Karaoke is always a popular choice, because as the night rolls on, most of your more exuberant guests will relax even more after hours of partying and perhaps a bit of responsibly consumed alcohol. Or, if sound restrictions are at a factor then silent discos are an option for those who really want to give their closest friends and family a unique experience. On the other hand, if you are wanting to get in some extra time with your guests in a quieter setting, then trivia nights or a party bus to take you around to some strategic locations can be a great way to reconnect with your best friends.

Atmosphere. We are big believers in the idea that an atmosphere helps your guests know what to expect. Changing the location between your wedding reception and your after party gives everyone a chance to get their second wind. Your bridal party is going to be exhausted from the day as well, and letting them change into something more comfortable will let them keep going strong with you. Shedding the final shreds of formality can make for an unforgettable evening.

For more ideas about after-parties, including some of our favorite venues and transportation services, send us an email and let us help you plan not only an amazing wedding reception, but also an incredible Austin after-party!