New lighting options: Industrial Glam

New lighting options: Industrial Glam

We have seen a lot of fun wedding trends come through over the past few years. While rustic and boho themed weddings are fun, especially deep in the heart of Texas, the industrial wedding look has my heart at the moment.

This is a more versatile look than many may realize. The obvious connotations bring to mind urban lofts with exposed interior brick and stained concrete floors. While this is certainly the perfect environment, these light fixtures can be worked in to a variety of locations easily to inspire vintage sensibilities or neutral minimalism. These are also great for steampunk inspired occasions.

Most of our inventory fixtures feature exposed Edison bulbs and twisted cable. The size and length of the bulbs can vary depending on the space and the fixture. The fixtures themselves are metal, and can be a cage enclosure, a true metal pendant, or pans. For a “heavy metal” look that is still sleek, look at fixtures that use piping a decorative structure. Pulleys and chains can also add some extra punch in the design.

If you have questions about incorporating industrial lighting into your wedding or private event, give us a call!

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