Why You Need a DJ at Your Wedding Ceremony

Ask yourself what the three most important moments in any person’s life might be, and most likely, one of your answers will revolve around saying “I do.”

A wedding ceremony is one of the most meaningful rituals we take part in, and often, we’re surrounded by loved ones who make it even more special. So, why would anyone take a chance on letting the moment be ruined over something silly?

Interestingly, not a lot of engaged couples rank ceremony audio high on their list of priorities when planning their big day. But when you think about it, that’s a make-or-break consideration that can dramatically alter the way things go.

We’ve all been to that one wedding where the processional music comes to an abrupt, awkward halt when the couple join hands and the officiant begins to speak. Most of us have cast our eyes downward as microphones screech, hum and pop during a couple’s vows, or we’ve strained to hear them speak.

Too many newlyweds spend hours selecting the perfect processional and recessional songs, only to wonder why it isn’t playing as they walk down the aisle, unable to fully enjoy the moment. And those aren’t the only things that can go wrong without expert sound management.

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Have a Wedding DJ to Make the Moment Count

At Altared Weddings & Events, our co-owner and CFO, Shelly Cole, is also a wedding officiant. “From the officiant’s point of view, they may have written something special to commemorate the day and celebrate the couple,” she says. “It was written for a reason, and the expectation is that everyone should be able to hear it.”

Shelly also notes that guests can become critical of the ceremony if sound becomes an issue. It can take everyone out of the moment and cause them to become distracted or bored, losing focus of what’s important.

A wedding ceremony celebrates the joining of two people who love one another, making a promise in front of everyone they adore. If all guests can remember is the screech of the speakers or the fact that they couldn’t hear anything and felt left out, well… that’s not what anyone wants.

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Who Is the Best Wedding DJ to Hire in Austin?

In order to make sure things run smoothly, you want a professional in your corner, taking away all your stress and handling everything like an expert. Cousin Joe may mean well when he offers to set up a microphone and hit “play” on those special ceremony songs, but Cousin Joe isn’t a pro and may not work as well under pressure as you’d like him to.

At Altared, our team of DJs has a wealth of experience with all sorts of events, including wedding ceremonies. They can set up optimal audio conditions, queue the right music at the right time, and make sure nothing goes wrong when it counts. So, if you’re hiring a pro for your reception, why not take advantage of their expertise and help your ceremony run smoothly, too?

If you’d like to get hitched without a hitch, connect with us and let’s make sure your wedding sounds perfect from beginning to end.

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