Opening up options with photo booths

It has taken me entirely too long to make a stunning realization: Not everyone dances… I know, right?!? I dance through the aisles of the grocery store, but my husband would rather sit on the sidelines. No amount of liquid courage is going to persuade him to get up and shake his money-maker. It’s just not his thing.

When planning how you will entertain your guests, it’s good to think broadly. Not everyone will want to dance, and as the host that can leave you wondering if your guests are having a good time. This is where those auxiliary items can really be a lifeline for those guests who want to stay and enjoy the party. Photo booths are great for this because they can appeal to all age groups and guests with limited mobility can participate with ease. They can also give your most enthusiastic dancers some entertainment during a break. We have two styles of photo booths, and depending on your event and guest demographic, one will probably be a better fit. Both options will include an attendant, props, unlimited prints, and online hosting. Other options we can do include video booths, slo-mo booths, and .gif booths.

The Classic

This booth is enclosed with a hard case and a curtain, Your guests step inside, take their photos, and then pick up a strip with four photos from the exterior side. These are the same that you will see in carnival-style settings. They accommodate a couple of people at a time, so it is fun for couple-friendly events. This is great for smaller spaces and for crowds with some shier personalities. The anonymity of the curtain lets the cut loose without feeling self-conscious.

The Hi-Tech Social Booth

… Actually, the technology is pretty similar, but it looks a lot more hi-tech. Open-air booths are on a stand with a background (frequently pipe and drape or green-screen) and can take photos of much larger groups of people. The end result is the same, but it is a lot more energetic since these frequently are focal points in the room. These are great for large spaces with ample room for traffic flow and where energy needs to be kept high. Since there is plenty of room, it is easy for people with limited mobility to participate as well.

Social Photo Booth Fun!