Tips For Success For Your Event From Altared Events

When you first signed up with us, we spent some time talking about how there was a lot more to throwing a great party than to just have a guy playing music. It’s about creating an atmosphere of entertainment and creating the right energy. Here are a few tips provided by our DJs to really create success on the dance-floor.

Timing is Everything!

“Timing and flow are so important. Consider doing your first dances when you are introduced into the room. It’s a beautiful transition and introduction to you guys, plus it creates the idea that the dance floor can be occupied by anyone from this point forward. Work closely with us or your planner to make sure the flow is natural and fun for your guests.”

– DJ Jeremy Odom

Keep your receptions to a realistic time

“Many venues offer their facility for 10 hours or more, so the temptation to extend your reception to 5, 6 or even 7 hours can be tempting. Realistically, it can be very draining on your guests and fatigue generally sets in about 5 hours from the ceremony start. We only recommend considering additional time if you have guests that have sleeping quarters on-site. It sounds funny, but you’d rather leave your guests begging for ‘one more song’ than begging for a ride back to the hotel.”

– Christian Barbuto

“Where’s the bar?!”

“…is a line that everyone will say at least once…but probably twice. The most used pathway at your reception will be the direct line between the dance floor and the bar, so make it an accessible one. Make sure they aren’t going to different rooms, weaving through tables or have other access issues to get their liquid courage!”

– Sean Hunt

Kill those lights!!!

“Unless it’s a flash mob in the mall, synchronized perfectly to 3pm, you’ve probably never participated in a dance party in a fully lit room. It’s uncomfortable to dance in the light, so make sure by the time the dance portion of your night begins, that someone is designated to turning off the venue lights or at least dimming them over your dance floor area. Of course this is a perfect opportunity to incorporate our beautiful venue lighting 😉

If hanging string lights over your dance floor, don’t surround the entire perimeter or put too much over it. A single strand of dim-able bulbs will do nicely. Let your DJ’s dance lighting shine!”

– DJ Aaron Ward

Other Entertainment

“Are you providing other forms of entertainment like a cigar bar, photo booth, yard games, etc? Make sure there are clear paths back and forth to these areas. Place your photo booth near the DJ and dancefloor so people will hop between the two. If people are needing to go outside to participate in other entertainment, make sure the aisle is clear for them to access it and come back easily.”

– DJ Jason Farmer

Keep your DJ on the dance-floor!

“Maybe not dancing on the dance floor, but at least overseeing it! Often it looks neat to put a DJ on the balcony or behind a glass panel, but it creates an enormous disconnect and your audience will feel it. Your DJ will often be walking out into the audience from behind his booth to interact. Make the DJ part of the action for your guests.”

– DJ David Schacherl