Memories at Mercury Hall

Patricia and Matt were married at Mercury Hall in a fun and family-oriented ceremony. This couple was grounded and had some signature Austin flair.

When we sat down with them about their entertainment, they brought some great ideas to discuss. It was really important to the couple that their wedding DJ was going to be easy to work with and could be engaging during the reception. They had a lot of ideas about the music, so the right DJ was going to be critical. Christian led the night and incorporated their selections which included country classics and some 90s favorites.

How We Created The Look

Photos by Kat Bevel

We wanted to keep things looking whimsical but not over-the-top. We started outside with our wine barrel lights. These are great out on the lawn, because in addition to funtionally bringing light into the outdoors, it also creates a defined space for guests. The softer and warmer lights created a space that was intimate but also fun.

When we went inside, we used uplighting to bring in colors from the accessories to make the venue tie into everything else that had been selected. Again, we opted for a more subtle approach so that it kept in line with the overall environment of the event.

Patricia and Matthew