What you can expect when you book multiple services with Altared Weddings and Events.

There are many different event supply groups that can offer crossover services to their client. For the customer, this is great! It reduces the number of contacts that you need to coordinate, and they can frequently save you money by reducing administrative fees by keeping it under one umbrella. Sometimes, though, you may want to know what to expect from us, and how Altared is different.

Our services operate independently from each other.

Want event lighting without having to book a DJ? No problem. Just looking for a photo booth rental? Sure thing! Our DJs are frequently the center of most events, but you can still always book our services without them (even though you should still consider it, see the next paragraph for why). Even when we do have a DJ on site, they are not responsible for setting up other services- we want them focused on you and your guests. This means that by running independent crews, your DJ won’t be distracted. This also means that we can provide much better service by adjusting lighting as needed throughout the night, or having an attendant always present to assist your guests with photo booths or any other options we bring in for you!

Our crews work together towards a common goal.

When our DJs and lighting crews work together on your event or wedding, we can make some real magic happen. We have a nice family here at Altared, and that means that all of that love means better collaboration on your event date. The lighting techs can work with the DJs so that your uplighting changes in tandem with the music. We don’t have that luxury when there is an outside company coming in. We really love creating an atmosphere that gets people primed to have a great time, and our best chances for success happen when we have a unified team making this happen.

We have the right skill sets and gear.

Technology changes. Quickly. With all of those changes comes the need to reinvest in the best options for our clients and getting our staff trained to handle anything that comes their direction. Since we diversify not just our equipment, but also our Altared family, we can adapt just as quickly as trends do. We also get to experiment with technologies that aren’t specific to events, and then we can bring in new elements that people haven’t seen before.

We know venues.

This is especially important for weddings! We can suggest the perfect pairings of entertainment options and lighting systems that will work well with your venues. You should only worry about having a great time at your wedding. We have a great knowledge of the wedding venues in the Austin area, and can make suggestions that fit you and your guests.

We don’t prepackage anything.

This is a tough one for some people, because I’ll be honest, packaging is easy. The reality is, though, is that we have found that buying entertainment and lighting options “off the rack” is usually a disservice to our clients. Maybe you have a crazy idea you want to bring to the table! Let’s hear it! Maybe you don’t really want a standard photo booth. We build everything with you so that you walk out of our office knowing that you’re getting exactly what you want, and not saddled with something you don’t. Believe me, customization is the smartest way to spend your dollars.

There is some savings when you book multiple services.

No matter how complicated your event may be, after you are on our calendar we will manage the details of your event or wedding entertainment. Whenever we have the opportunity to save you some money, we will let you know, and this usually happens when you book services that fall under different categories. The best way to find out is to schedule a consultation and let us walk you through our process and we will build something together!