Chandeliers & Pendant Lighting

Small Crystal Chandelier - 5 bulb

The Classic - 5 bulb chandelier

Crystal and chrome and white, oh my! These classic fixtures are so versatile you can use them just about anywhere.

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12 bulb crystal chandelier

Our larger version of the classic, these two tier beauties feature 12 bulbs.


Simply Rustic - 9 bulb

Great for adding elegance to rustic spaces, these usually have a darker finish and fewer crystals.

Pendant or Moravian Stars

Moravian Stars

Stylish and unique, these geometric designs add artistry to any area.

Chandeliers in use:

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  • 2016-10-10_0079.jpg
  • 2016-10-10_0100.jpg
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  • Chandiliers

An exciting way to bring elegance into any space...

These come in a variety of styles: simple and rustic or more glitzy and glamorous. These can be suspended just about everywhere, and like almost all of our lighting, is done wirelessly. We can do these as single fixtures, or bring in several to hang over individual tables, archways, or altars. We also offer some more modern pendant-style lighting and lanterns as well if you are wanting a more whimsical or casual look to your space.

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