"The Show" Dance Lighting

This is not for the faint of heart! "The Show" is our extraordinary lighting show that is tailored to your event. Our skilled lighting operators control the lighting based on the music and "feel" of the room. This is customized for groups of 50-1000!

The Show.jpg

"The Show" for DJs

All of our DJs include basic dance lighting, but if you're ready to really kick it up a notch, let's build a lighting setup that will blow your guests away. Each setup is unique depending on the venue and can include trussing, moving lights, disco balls, etc!

The Show For The Band.jpg

"The Show" for bands

Have a band coming to your event? Let's light them up like they're the Rolling Stones. Our band lighting can be adapted to any size stage and includes the lighting for the band, but also your audience.

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