Silent Discos & VJ Services


Silent Discos

For a truly unique experience, Altared is now offering Silent Discos, especially for festivals, after-parties and other unique situations where we want a fun, dancing experience, but without traditional party sound. Perfect for Austin sound-ordinance situations and creating a unique atmosphere. This service is most fun when paired with 2 of our DJs and guests can choose which DJ they are listening to.

  • 100 pairs of amazing headphones
  • Selectable channels for more than 1 DJ/input

VJ (Video DJ) Services

Video DJing (or VJ) adds a whole new element to corporate and private events by including music videos or motion images to music. These mesmerizing elements keep audiences captivated, even if the goal is not to create a dance scene.

  • 6'x8' screen included
  • Custom music videos & graphics
  • Full sound system

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