A/V, Stages, Pipe & Drape


PA Systems & Sound Reinforcement

Audio production and sound reinforcement can range from simple microphone and speaker setups to full band multi-channel setups with monitor feeds. We can accommodate crowds from 50-1500 easily.


Live video production

Great for conferences and live shows, we can multi-stream video feeds for recording, publish to web or live stream for your audience.

tv truss.jpg

Television rentals

Our 55" 4k TVs look outstanding for presentations, trivia or trade-show booths.


Projection and Screens

We carry projectors and screens for a variety of applications.



We carry both 1' and 2' staging for small setups, full bands, corporate events and weddings. We always include draping, carpet and stairs.


Pipe & Drape

Pipe and drape is a simple and affordable way to create a unique space in a room, cover up unsightly areas or use as backdrops.

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We will help you put together a complete package for your Audio / Visual needs.